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Pieces de Clavessin

Gaspard Le Roux


Although I never spared any cares or pains in putting my musical compositions into the best condition before they leave my hands, I never intended to expose them to the eyes of the public. However, encouraged by people of great learning, and concerned by the coarse mistakes that I have noticed in the copies of my harpsichord pieces that have circulated against my wishes, I have finally resolved to have them engraved, and to sound out the taste of the public, who alone can decide the merit of these works.

Gaspard Le Roux, 1705

A new edition of the music of one of the Baroque’s most enigmatic composers, Gaspard Le Roux, is available in a new critical edition, with full commentaries by Jon Baxendale and valuable insights into performance practice by David Ledbetter.

Le Roux wrote only 44 pieces, but presented them in such a unique way that they could be played not only as harpsichord solos, but also as duets, en concert with a solo instrument or as trios. They are amongst some of the most charming and original works of the Grand Siècle.

The first two volumes are now available and are published by Cantando Musikkforlag . Volume I consists of the solo harpsichord pieces, the duet for two harpsichords and Le Roux’s five realised contreparties, which allows their performance as duets.

Volume II takes up where Le Roux left off by using the composer’s instructions in realising the remaining pièces for two players. This has been achieved by taking the trios’ second instrumental line and bass as the basis for constructing the second harpsichord part. The volume also contains three dances for which no trio arrangement exists, the astonishing Courante luthée from the first suite, the F-sharp minor Double de la Courante and eleven of the twelve couplets from the G minor Sarabande.

In discussion with the publisher, we have decided to make the research into Gaspard Le Roux’s life available on this website, in the hope that it will be of interest to scholars and players alike. Please feel free to read the new research. Should you wish to sign up for a copy in advance, please complete the request form and we will keep you updated with the publishing status.